Al Miro Trading Company

Our company is a module of the marketing and selling concept that meets all ends of current market and customer needs which contributed to its success throughout the years. AlMiro stands unique with its presence in Saudi Arabia among the top traders in the market with its variety, quality and design of the products together with the passionate customer service we provided to our esteemed customers.

Who We Are

Al Miro Trading Co started its mission 20 years ago taking the advantage of the vast construction started in gulf Sector on 1990’s. AlMiro Emerged as a leader in Saudi market by its creative module of marketing & selling concepts which helped it to achieve a distinguished position & to arrive as a reputed competitor in the market.

We always cared to anchor a perfect balance between the notion of producer and consumer which resulting in presenting to the consumers new products meeting the ultimate challenge to win competition by combining the quality and price. This imposes upon us to set an extensive dealing base with sizable group of factories & Suppliers.